Discuss the differenttasks that demand cooperation with reference to agricultural orindustrial operations.

Cooperation in asociety plays a very important role because it enables the socialstructure in a society. According to Durkheim, solidarity isimportant to understand cooperation in a society. The following arethe two kinds of society referred to, by Durkheim:

(i) Agriculturalsociety - Durkheim explained mechanical solidarity which is presentin the agricultural operations, where most of the members livesimilar lives with little division of labour. For example, activitieslike transplantation of crops, tilling the land and ploughing thefield are activities not associated with specialization of labour.

(ii) Industrial society- Here Durkheim explained organic solidarity, which is found inindustrial operations and includes a specialized division of labour.For example, different stages of production at a manufacturing unitrequire specialization of labour of workers as they have to operatedifferent kinds of machines.

Both of them are formsof cooperation in a society.

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