discuss in detail the material issues that went into the making of sociology . 

the material issues that went ito the making of the sociology are :
1) the new foem of capitalism i.e the growth of industrial revolution manufacturing involved new institutions and attitudes . enterprenures were engaged in persuit of profits .markets acted as the key instrument of productive life . goods and services and labour became commodities whose value was ditermined by rational calculation .
2) Degradation of labour i.e Brought out work from the protective releam of gulids , village and family .
3) Birth of new urban world i.e Marked the overcroud slums , grime of factories , new industrial working class , bad sanitation , new form of social interactions , etc .
4) Factory and its mechanical division of labour i.e seen as a deliberate attempt to destroy the pesant , artisian and the local community . was seen by some as  liberal form of oppresing and yet potencially liberating .
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