discuss diversification of agriculture in india

Diversification of agriculture in India has two aspects- diversification of crops and diversification of production activity.  

Diversification of Crops- Diversification of crops implies that a variety of crops are produced rather than specialising in the production of one single crop. It can also be understood as a shift from the subsistence farming to commercial farming practice. By diversifying the crop production the farmers can produce those crops that are best suitable according to the prevailing market conditions and thereby, maximise their gains.

Diversification of Production Activity- Diversification of production activity implies a shift from the farm activities to the non-farm activities such as the agro-processing industries, food processing industries, horticulture, fisheries, livestock farming, etc. The diversification of production activity helps not just in raising the standard of living but also proves to be an alternative avenue of employment for the overcrowded agricultural sector.  

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