discuss anthropogenic factors of land degradation

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 When we refer to anthropogenic factors of land degradation, we basically refer to human or societal factors that have brought about land degradation


1. Careless use of land becomes one of the major causes of land degradation which is the result of the following human activities:

i. Excessive use of fertilizers, pesticides as effects the fertility of the soil.
ii. Over grazing, deforestation also leads to land degradation.

iii..Over irrigation increases the salt deposits in the soil.

iv. Mining-leaves deep scars and traces of over-burdening
v. Excessive practise of shifting cultivation leads to land degradation
vi. Dumping of industrial effluents
vii. It effects the overall land under cultivation and in turn production.

‚Äč‚ÄčTherefore we need to conserve our land resources by controlling the mining activities, control over grazing, regulate use of fertilizers



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