diffrence bitween inter-religious dominaton and intra religious domination

Inter religious domination

  1. Members of a particular religious community are targettted and victimised
  2. basic rights of a set of citizens denied
  3. systematic persecution

Intra religious domination

  1. Every religioun fragments into sects which leads to frequent sectarian violence and persecution of dissenting (opposing) minorities
  2. No religion treats its male and female members on an equal footing e.g women are not allowed to enter into hindu temples.

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What is Politics?

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what is mean byintrareligious&inter religious?

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Politics is a tool in the hands of people which can create justice or which can destroy justice
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It is a normative doctrine which seeks to realise a secular society, i.e., one devoid of 2015-16 Page 4 Secularism Secularism 114 Political Theory either inter-religious or intra-religious domination. Put positively, it promotes freedom within religions, and equality between, as well as within, religions.
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