differentiate between unemployment and under employment in at a tabular form.

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Unemployment Under employment
(i)Unemployment is a condition in which a person is willing to job but do not have a job. (i)Under employment is situation is employed below his ability and capability.
(ii) Under this, people do not have job and they are looking for the same. (ii) In under-employment, person has the job, but they are employed at a lower level than their qualifications or for less time than their ability.

(iii) Unemployment rate used to measure. (iii) Distinct measure for underemployment does not exist although can be measured indirectly using brain drain.
(iv) There is only one type. (iv) Divided into two parts: visible and invisible.
(v) Main causes are rise in the cost of production, drop in the aggregate demand and change in technology. (v) Caused by a disparity in availability of employment opportunities and the corresponding skills availability.
Ex- A graduated person in the search a of job Ex- A teacher who has the ability to teach the students of class 10th but he is teaching the students of class 8th.


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