Differentiate between : Symbiosis and parasitism

Parasitism is a relationship between two organisms in which one is benefited and other one is harmed. The organism that is benefited is called parasite and the one that is harmed is called host.
Endoparasites are the parasites that live inside the body of host. For example, Ascaris.
Ectoparasites are the parasites that live outside the body of host. For example, Lice.

Symbiosis is an interaction between two different organisms living in close association in which both the partners get mutually benefited. Symbiosis is also called mutualism. Lichen, which is a combination of an alga and a fungus, is a typical example of symbiotic association.  
Symbiosis is mutually beneficial association existing between two organisms and both organisms derive benefit from each other without causing any harm to each other. 

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