Differentiate between single issue movement and long term movement

Single issue movementMultiple issue movement
a. These movements seek to achieve a specific aim, a single objective within a specific time.These movements seeks to attain a broad aim within a longer time frame.
b. These movements have clear defined goals, organization and leadership.Such movements are generally flexible, with loose organizational structure , independent leadership.
c. Such movements have specific well defined goal to attain.They generally have contrasting views on different issues.
d. . There is one single organization controlling them.There is no single organization guiding or controlling them since more organizations are involved.
e. example, Narmada Bachao Andolan

example, Environmental movements, National Alliance for Peoples’Movements (NAPM) is an organisation

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single issue movement

(i) They achieve a single objective within a limited time frame.

(ii) There is clear leadership.

(iii) They have some organisation.

(iv) Their active life is usually short.

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