difference betwwen tap root and fibrous root

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 Taproots and fibrous roots are two of the basic kind of roots. Trees and plants depend on root hairs or tiny extensions for their outermost cells. These hairs collect water and nutrients in the soils, and then pass these on to the main root system.


Taprooted perennials plants have primary roots that grow longer and thicker than secondary roots.  This large primary root is called the taproot.  If just one part of the root gets broken off, the plant can die.  Taproots make a plant hard to pull out of the ground since they reach far underground for water.  Some examples are radishes, dandelions and carrots.
Plants that have roots that grow no larger than another is said to have a fibrous root system.  These roots prevent erosion, and grasses is an example of this fibrous root system.  These roots spread in the soil, each tip covered with root hairs.  If one of these tips is broken off, there are still many more to carry on the job.  So this is the reason why it is possible to ship through the mail fibrous-rooted plants, but not mature taprooted ones.
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Tap roots: roots which have a main root and lateral rrot come from that main root.

Fibrous rooys: roots thats spread from the same and appear to be of the same size.


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