Difference between state partis and national parties?

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The difference between 'state' and 'national' party can be drawn from the name itself.

  • In a state party, the party members aim to heighten regional interest whereas in a national party, the national interest is given importance.
  • State party can contest elections only in that state whereas national party can contest elections in all states.
  • BJP, Congress are national parties whereas Akalis, Trinamool Congress are examples of State parties
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natonal parties:

national parties try to gain influence over the entire country.

national parties deals with national level problems.

activities of the national party gives priority to national level problems than the state level problems.

state paries:

state parties exert their their influence to only a particular religion or state.

state parties dead with the problems and demands raised by the people of their own state.

the activities of the state party are restricted to state they function.

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