Ideal gasReal gas
Molecules have negligible volume in comparison to the Total volume of the gas.Volume of molecules is very small but not negligible in comparison to the total volume of the gas.
Collision between two molecule is elastic that is energy and momentum during the collision remain conservedCollisions between molecules in real gas are not perfectly elastic.
There is no mutual force of attraction or repulsion between the molecules of ideal gas therefore ideal gas can't be liquefied.There is force of attraction between the molecules of real gas  therefore can be liquefied at high pressure and low temperature.
Ideal gas obeys PV = nRT (ideal gas equation )

Real gas obeys vander walls equation.


This gas follows all gas laws at all temperature and pressure conditions.This gas does not follow gas laws at all temperature and pressure conditions. However, a real gas behaves ideally at high temperature and low pressure conditions.


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1 Ideal gas has no volume, and no forces of attraction between the molecules. it obeys PV =nRT,But a real gas has volume, and no forces of attraction between the molecules, and it does not obey PV=nRT

2 An ideal gas is infinitely compressible, a real gas will condense to a liquid at some pressure.

3 The particles of an ideal gas lose no energy to its container. A real gas conducts and radiates heat, thereby losing energy.

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