difference between ordinal and cardinal measurement of utility ( 4 marks )

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ordinal measurement of utility is the comparision related to taste and preference of the consumer where as cardinal measurement of utility is the measurement related to units like 2,4,6 and its consumption! 


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 utility means satisfaction which a consumer derive from commodities and services by purchasing different units of mony.cardinal utility means satisfaction that can be measured in numbers such as 1,2,and 3. While ordinal utility refers to satisfaction cannot be measureable in numbers

The concept of Cardinal Utility was used by Marshal to define Consumer's Equlibrium. Cardinal Utility means consumer could measure the satisfaction derived by the consumption of any goods or services in terms of number and unit of that measurment is Utils or the Money. 
Where as Ordinal Utility means giving the rank to the utility dervied by the consimption of goods and services. This Concept was given by J.R. Hicks. This is more realstic and better than cardinal utility. This is totally based on Introspection. 
The ordinal utility emphasize on ordering/rank bundles of goods. 
The cardinal utility emphasize on the size of the difference between two bundles of goods. 

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In Case of Ordinal approch show the diffrent level of satisfaction at all level of consuption but in Cardinal utility approach all point shows the diffrent level of satisfaction for more detail plz contact me at 9873031462.

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