difference between metaphor and a similey

The dictionary defines a "metaphor" as a figure of speech that uses one thing to mean another and makes a comparison between the two. For example, Shakespeare's line, "All the world's a stage," is a metaphor comparing the whole world to a theater stage. Metaphors can be very simple, and they can function as most any part of speech. "The spy shadowed the woman" is a verb metaphor. The spy doesn't literally cast his shadow on the woman, but he follows her so closely and quietly that he resembles her own shadow.

A simile, also called an open comparison, is a form of metaphor that compares two different things to create a new meaning. But a simile always uses "like" or "as" within the phrase and is more explicit than a metaphor. For example, Shakespeare's line could be rewritten as a simile to read: "The world is like a stage." Another simile would be: "The spy was close as a shadow." Both metaphor and simile can be used to enhance writing.

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is simile always uses"like" or "as"????????????????????

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metaphor means direct comparison while similie means indirect comparison.aint it simple?by the way your spelling of similie is wrong. 

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s..... thanks

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Simile is.direct comparision with as.like or so while.metaphor is indirect comparision . Like camel is the ship of.the desert.actually it is not a ship but cross the desert like a ship as it.crosses the sea
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Simley=when we are comparing something by using as and like.
Metaphor=when we are comparing something without using as and like.
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