Difference between knock-out tournament and league tournament? Draw a fixture of 13 team and knock-out basis?

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Knock-out tournament or elimination tournament is a tournament where a large number of teams compete when there is a short time, whereas in a league tournament it is most suitable when there are less number of teams and a long period of time.
Knock-out tournament is done when they are running short of funds, whereas the league tournaments are done when there are huge funds.
Knock-out tournaments are less time consuming, whereas league tournaments are time-consuming.

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▪︎KNOCK-OUT TOURNAMENT 》Most of the tournaments are organized on the basis of knockout. In this type of tournaments, a team which is once defeated, automatically gets eliminated from the tournament. Only the winning teams continue in the tournament. It means that the defeated team does not get a second opportunity. Opportunities are given to the winning teams or players. ▪︎LEAGUE TOURNAMENT OR ROUND ROBIN TOURNAMENT 》League tournament is also called round robin tournament. According to this tournament,each team plays with every other team once, if it is single league tournament. If it is a double league tournament, each team plays with every other team twice. In these types of tournaments, every team plays with other team irrespective of victory or defeat. It can called the best type of tournament because it provides maximum number of opportunities to the team to display their performance.
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Give difference between knockout tournament and league tournament
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