difference between Departmental Organisation and Public Corporation?

Departmental undertakings are forms of public enterprises. These are departments of Ministries of Central Government or State Government. The government operates through these departmental undertakings.  

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The public sector and private sector are terms used to describe the two main types of business industries within an economy. While they may provide similar services on some levels, the two differ from one another on a variety of factors, including ownership and aim. The largest distinction between them is that the public sector is owned and operated by the government, while the private sector is dominated by private business operators.One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between a public sector and private sector organization is to look at who is in charge. In a public sector organization, employees, supervisors, and managers all work for the government. The company or organization is not owned by a corporation or a private owner, but rather by the government of the region. Private sector organizations, on the other hand, are operated by private citizens and may answer to a board of directors, owning partnership, or single owner. Employees in private sector jobs are employed by the organization.

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