difference between boiling and evaporation

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boiling is something that heats water upto 100 degrees celcius. Evaporation is the process after boiling water... it is when water turns into vapor.

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  1. Evaporation takes place at all temperatures, while boiling occurs at a particular temperature.
  2. Evaporation takes place from the surface, whereas the entire liquid boils.
  3. Evaporation can occur using the internal energy of the system, while boiling requires an external source of heat.
  4. Evaporation produces cooling but boiling does not.
  5. Evaporation is a slow process while boiling is a rapid process.
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hey kamlesh is it was helpful ?

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boiling is to heat up something usually for killing germs where as evaporationis the method of heating something to get vapour out of the liquid form. i hope this helps you a lot!!!!

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Boiling is to heat up something like water, etc usually for killing germs


Evaporation is the process of change of water into water vapour...

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