dialogue between two friends on school library

Riya : Oh Meera ,you are looking quite worried.
Meera:Yes, I am
Riya: What brings you here?
Meera:As you know ,if we issue a book in our school library ,we have to keep it with us for a week.
Riya:Yes,I know.So what is the problem here?
Meera:I dont have a whole week.Day after tomorrow is our OLYMPIAD and and there are so many guide books and I dont know which book to choose.
Riya:Oh such a small problem.Dont worry lets see.
Riya:Ah a this is the book you need .
Meera:Are you sure?
Riya:Absolutely yes
Meera:Thank you so much

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yes it is very goood 
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is it a suggestion?

if yes then it is good

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