Descriptive paragraph about a real life experience simalar to chapter 'Bond of Love'

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- I have a dog named 'Scooby'.
- My parents brought him home when he was 3 months old.
- He is 4 years old now.
- I take great care of him.
-  I play with him all the time, and I even take him to the park in the evening. 
-  He sleeps with me on my bed.
- Last year my cousin got married, and we all went to Chennai to attend his wedding ceremony, leaving Scooby at home.
- We arranged for a sitter to look after him. 
-  I was very scared and sad, and I could pretty much make out that Scooby was feeling the same separation anxiety.
- When we returned home after a week, Scooby was desperately running and jumping around us, whining endearingly and licking our shoes and faces.
- He was very happy to see us home.
- Afterwards, the sitter told us that Scooby refused to eat or play in our absence.
- That moment I realised home much Scooby loves us
- After that day, I never left him alone.
- I always take him with me wherever I go. 


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