Describemain features of the interview as a research method.

The mainfeatures of interview are:

(i)It is conducted in the form ofconversation which is shaped by certain guidelines andquestions between the researcher and the respondent.

(ii)It is used in surveys and participant observation method.

(iii)The interview is flexible in its structure.

(iv)This flexibility can lead to a change in the mood of therespondent or lack of concentration, which is one of itsdisadvantages.

(v)Some interviewers have very structured format withspecific questions whereas some have loosely structured format withonly a check-list of topics rather than the actual questions.

(vi)During interview the interviewer can ask cross questionsor other questions that are required during the process which are notpossible in a questionnaire.

(vii)Use of recorders and other equipments are also takenduring the interview. Their use makes the respondent uncomfortablethat introduces a degree of formality into the conversation, which isanother disadvantage.

(viii)The mode of recording depends on the social and physicalcircumstances in which the interview is conducted.

(ix)The authenticity of this method also depends on the memoryof the interviewer after it is conducted.

(x)Sometimes important information goes unnoticed or it isnot at all recorded.

(xi)On a whole, a good interview is often based on the rapportbuild by the researcher with the interviewer.

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