Describe the occupation and food on Vedic age

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  • The main occupations of the Vedic people were agriculture and farming.
  • They considered the cow very valuable and was a mark of wealth.
  • They used the land as well as sea routes for trade and used the barter system.
  • They were also involved in the work of goldsmiths, blacksmiths, carpenters, weavers, potters, leathers, and physicians. They engaged in pottery, spinning, etc.
  • Cattle rearing was the main occupation which also influenced their food habits, but in the later Vedic period focus was completely on agriculture.
  • Their diets included both agricultural produce ann animal food as well.
  • The staple diet included rice, barley, bean, and sesame.
  • They also included bread, cake, milk, butter, ghee, and curd together with fruits.
  • Fish, goats, birds, rams, bulls, and horses were slaughtered for their food. The cow was considered sacred and was excluded and prohibited.
  •  They also drank liquor which was made from corn and barley and the juice of soma plant.


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