Describe the incident of a day with rosa park ? What did the incident leads to ?

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a. Rosa parks was an ‚ÄčAfrican–American woman who refused to give her seat on a bus to a white man
b. She was on her way back after long hour of work
c. Her refusal became a symbol of resentment , rebel against the oppressive policies and discrimination of the blacks
Blacks in America become victims of racial discrimination in reality and struggle to live for a dignified life.
 d.The African Americans  in US became the victim of the worst kind of racial discrimination being denied citizenship and other constitutional rights. Such a policy of discrimination had its roots in slavery, which subjected the blacks and considered them as inferior and subordinate beings
e. In the early part of the 19th century several organisations fought for the rights of blacks, but nothing substantial could be attained and Blacks continued to be racially targeted by the whites.
f. Her denial sparked of massive protests, agitation , and the rise of the civil rights movement .
g.  It resulted in civil rights act passed in 1964, which brought about major breakthrough.
h. In 1965, the congress passed voting rights , integrating Blacks into the mainstream, granting them equal right to vote and full citizenship status
i. It also provided for equal opportunity to blacks in schools who could now attend same school  along with the whites.



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