Describe the general scene around the pashupatinath temple on regular days. Mention about the variety of hawkera adorning that place.
Chapter name kathmandu
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The general scene outside Pashupatinath temple was one of 'febrile confusion'. The grounds were filled with humans and animals alike: priests and devotees, monkeys, cows, dogs and pigeons.people were jostling to get the attention of the priests. Way was given to a Nepalese princess as she came to the temple. A group of saffron-cad westerners were being stopped at the gate by a policeman for not being Hindus! To add to the confusion, two monkeys started fighting and chasing each other. A corpse was being cremated on the banks of the River Bagmati where women were washing clothes and children were bathing.
There are all sorts of hawkers in Kathmandu: from flower sellers to flute sellers, postcard sellers, shops selling cosmetics, chocolates, etc.

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