Describe the form of relationship between pressure groups and political parties

Many a times, pressure groups are either formed or led by one or the other top leaders of the political parties.For ex- Trade union, workers organisations are some pressure groups which either established or affliated to one or the other political parties. THeir leaders are either activists or leaders of the pressure groups.

Sometimes, political parties emerge out of the pressure groups. For ex= when the assam movement led by the students came to an end, it led to the formation of ASOM GANA PARISHED.The root parties like the DMK and the AIADMK in tamil nadu can be traced to a long-drawn social reform movement during the 1930s and the 1940s.

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these two parts show direct relationship among political parties and pressure groups.

In some cases, the relationship between the pressure groups are not so direct. They may take positions that are opposed to each other.Yet they are in dialogue and negotiation. The political parties arise issues that are taken up by the political parties.Most of the leadership in political parties come from pressure groups or movements....

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 The main difference between political parties and pressure groups is that political groups seek to gain influence in parliament through the House of Commons and so put up candidates for elections (whether general elections or by-elections) in the hopes that citizens will vote for them. The more votes they recieve, the greater their influence in parliament. Pressure groups do not do this but seek to influence the public through their organisations, for example, Shelter deals with the homeless, and Greenpeace is best known for its environmental work. They influence the government from the outside.

This leads on to another difference; political parties have a manifesto- a statement of many views on lots of different issues, mainly to deal with running the country. Pressure groups tend to focus on one aspect of life whether it be a 'sectional pressure group' like Trade Unions, or a 'cause group' such as the Worldwide Fund for Nature.

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  • The political parties can often act as extended arms of the parties. They might be formed by a party or the leader or activist of the party might be their leader and activist as well.
  • Many a times political parties are formed out movements. For example the Asom Gana Parishad, DMK and AIADMKare all formed bypolitical parties.
  • It might be possible that the relationship between political parties and pressure groups mightnt be so direct and they might take a stance opposing each other. still the negotiation is on and the political parties have to take up the isssues as suggested by the pressure groups.
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The relationship between political parties and pressure groups can take different forms.

(i) Pressure groups are often formed and led by politicians and political parties. Most trade unions and students organisations inIndia are either established by, or affiliated toone or the other majorpolitical party.

(ii) Political partiessometimes grow out of movements. Parties like DMK and AIADMK were formed this way.

(iii) Many a times, the issues raised by pressure or movement groups are taken up by political parties, leading to a change in the policies of the parties. if it helpzzzz......... :D :D :D

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1)political parties emerge from pressure group
2)most of pressure groups are lead by leaders or political parties
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1) the pressure groups are either formed or lead by the leaders of political parties or act as extended arms of political parties
2) sometimes political parties grow out of movements
3) in most cases the relationship between parties and interest or movement groups is not so direct
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political parties either form government or sit on opposite benches,to oppose the wrong an anti people laws/polices made /drafted and implemented by the party ruling in the centre and the state.Pressure groups are sectional and public intersect exhibit their grievance to political party through opposition at the maternal time.
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