Describe the consequences of deforestation for each:

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1. When the forest is cut down the birds and animals living in that forest do not have shelter to live. They start migrating from one place to another and sometimes enter the urban areas. When animals start migrating the animals which are still present in the forest will not have enough food to feed upon. This leads to starvation of the animal and finally leads to death. Sometimes we can also see mass extinction of animals because of less food availability or they are eaten up by the larger animals.   

2. ​Deforestation is the removal of trees or other vegetation from an area for industrial, agricultural, or other purposes. Plants or trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. If plants are destroyed, then the level of CO2 in the atmosphere will rise. The high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere will trap more heat radiations, leading to global warming. This increase in temperature of the Earth will disturb the natural water cycle. As a result of disruption in the water cycle, there will be a change in the rainfall pattern. The reduced amount of rainwater can cause desertification.  
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