Describe the characters of Anemophilous and Entomophilous flowers. (atleast 3 characters each with example.)

The important characteristics of Anemophilous flowers and entomophilous flowers are

Anemophilous flowers: 

Anemophilous flowers are not scented nor do they produce nectar.

Pollen from anemophilous flowers tends to be smaller and lighter in weight with very low nutritional value to insects. 

These are pollinated by wind or water.

For example; flowers of grasses.

Entomophilous flowers: 

Entmophilous flowers are scented, attractive and produce nector.

The  pollen grains of these flower tends to be large-grained, sticky, and rich in protein.

They are pollinated by insects.

For example, flowers of orchids.

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