Describe Bolivia’s water war.

The following events occurred in Bolivia's water war:

  • The conflict over water in Bolivia germinated with the decision of the government to give up its control of municipal water supply. This was done at the behest of the World Bank.
    • The water supply rights for the city of Cochacamba were sold to a multi national corporation which increased the price of water by four times.
    • This led to spontaneous popular protests as the water cost began to make a dent in the household budget of people.
    • An alliance of labour, human rights and community leaders organised a four day strike which was called off after the government agreed to negotiate. However, no progress happened and instead, the police resorted to repression when the agitation was started again.
    • Martial law was imposed after another strike in April. However, the MNC officials had to leave the city under pressure from the people while the government had to concede to the demands of the protestors.
    • The MNC contract was cancelled and municipal water supply was restored at old rates.

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