"Democracy evolves through popular struggles." Justify?

  • In a democracy, popular decisions are taken only through struggles and mass movements as they focus the views, interests, and needs of deprived sections of people
  • Such movements attracts government attention and make them to take solutions permanently through intervention of government institutions like Judiciary, etc
  • Through these movements or struggles, people become active participators in the politics
  • For example, in Nepal,  protests aroused worldwide to restore democracy and overthrow king's rule
  • This protest was initially started as small movement by pressure groups which later transformed into mass movement with support from general public and alliances of government parties which supported this issue
  • Thus, this struggle of Nepali people is a source of inspiration for democratic countries all over the world
  • Hence, it can be rightly said that democracy is evolved through popular struggles


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  1. Many crucial and defining moments in a democracy occur when conflicts take place between those in power and those aspiring to be in power.

  2. Democratic conflict is resolved through mass mobilisation. These conflicts may be solved using the existing institutions like judiciary or parliament. But greater disputes often require resolution by people themselves.

  3. Organised political structures play a crucial role in ensuring such mobilisations. These include political parties, pressure groups and mass movements.

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