Define society. Distinguish between animal society and human society

Society is defined as a group of people interacting and sharing common culture.The cultural bonding may evolve from shared beliefs, values, practises or through racial or ethnic background.

The difference between animal society and human society are as follows:

a. The human physical structure is different from animal and both form their own distinct society.

b. Mentally human beings are more advanced and clever than animals.

c .The members of human society can stand erect on their legs and can use their hands freely.But animals cannot do so 

d. Man can keep a record of past events and find solution to complicated probl.ems but animals fail to do so which keep them structurally away from human society.

e. Human society is a society of civilised cultural beings whereas animal society is a society of beasts.Human society has a well organised culture and rules to follow by its members which is absent in animal society.Animal society is far from any civilisation or culture.

f . The needs of human society are met by cultural transmission whereas the needs of animal society is met by inherited mechanisms.

g. Human society changes and develops with the passage of time and transmits culture to the next generation  but animal society is stagnant and has nothing to create or develop.

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