Define sex ratio. What are its significance

sex ratio is the proportion of females per thousand males
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define sex ratio and what are its significance?
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          Sex ratio is the ratio of the number of males to females in a given population. On the other favorable sex ratio refers to an even sex ratio where the numbers of males to females are evenly matched.

Significance of favorable sex ratio can be as follows:

1. The most notable significance is in the marriage patterns. When the sex ratio is imbalanced, social problems like failure to marry or difficulties in starting families might arise-which in most societies is considered quite shameful-this results in an array of psychological problems linked to it. Hence a favorable ratio might help in quenching such problems. 

2. a favorable sex ratio might be a key factor in eliminating some of the societal issues that have been psychologically linked to gender imbalance like prostitution and cheating(as a reverse impact of excess in men).

3. The significance of the gender balance arises from the first point where all other benefits stem from it. Effects such as more economical production might be due to the fact that married population is more productive than a population that has many unmarried persons
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Sex ratio is defined as the number females per thousand males
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Sex ratio and significance

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