Define Communalism.

Communalism is a situation when a particular community tries to promote its own interest at the cost of other communities.

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it is meant with religion
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When one community thinks that their religion is better than other religion then the conflict arises due to this is known as communalism. Hope it helps :)
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Communalism is the thinking of any community that they are more superior than any other community
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superiority of religion
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a principle of political organization based on federated communes. allegiance to one's own ethnic group rather than to the wider society.
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Communalism is a philosophy in which society is being divided into no. Of religious communities which are different from each other and opposed each other.In this kind of society,each community thinks itself superior to others.
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It is based on the ideas that religion is the principal basis of social community.
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Communalism is a system or an idea which believes religion is the basis of a social community.
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Communalism is a philosophy in which country containing different religious groups and they oppose each other
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Communalism happens when :

1)The beliefs of one religion are presented as superior to those of other religions.

2)The demands of one religious group are formed in opposition to another.

3)State power is used to establish dominance of one religious group over the rest.

This manner of using religion in politics is known as Communal Politics.
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when goverment of any country discriminate any one social group on the basis of any social difference then it is known as communalism
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I hope this helps you...

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Communalism means the idea that religion is the basic principle of social community.
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Community tries to promote its own community
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