Dear Teachers,
Geography Pg#5 ''Let's Do'' Exercise,I want Some Answers.The Question Is''Talk To Some Elderly Person In Your Neighbourhood And Collect InformationAbout
.The Trees In His/Her Neighbourhood When He/She Was Your Age
.Thec Indoor Games He/She Played.
.His/Her Favourite Fruit At Your Age.
.How Did They Make Themselves Comfortable During Hot Summer And Cold WINTER?''

Please AnswerMe As Soon As Possible

The following points may help you:

a. You may ask and collect information from any lady, even your grandmother .
b. Like the trees they had in their neighbourhood included, neem, pipal tree, Banana tree, palm, guava tree, mango trees etc.
c. Fruit that she liked could be guava, banana, mango etc.
d. She was fond of playing indoor games like snakes and ladders, ludo, chess, hide and seek. 
e. She used to make her feel comfortable during summers, by sleeping under a tree,using earthen pots for drinking water, by pouring water in the terrace to keep it cool.
f. During winters they used to burn wood or charcoal, for heat, use blankets, used to sit under the sun.

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1. Lallita aunty                             - neem tree , papaya tree , drumstick trees .             Age - 6 years to  14 years.           My age - 12 years
2. Games Lallita aunty played      -  thattankal , kitti , hide and seek.
3. Favourite fruit of Lallita aunty  -  Mango , pine apple , orange.
4. Hot summer                             -   fans that are hand made from pal leaves are used to fan.  And drinking cold water from mud pot.
5.  Cold winter                             -   drinking hot water.  and used to cover themselves when they go out .  night they used bedsheets.
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