D. Choose the correct alternatives to fill in the blanks.
1. ----------------------you like another cup of coffee? (would/shall/should)
2. Kartik ----------------------to play football before he took up rugby. (used/is used/was used)
3. He said he ---------------be thirty next month. (could/should/ would)
4. I was afraid that he---------------------- turn down my offer. (may/might/must)
5. If you -----------------------see him, ask him to meet me. (would/shall/ should)

E. The highlighted auxiliaries have been wrongly used in this conversation. Correct them.

Rahul: Hi, Pankaj! I just got into town and heard that you were in bed with a broken leg. It shouldn’t be true!

Pankaj: Good to hear from you, Rahul. I am much better now. A week ago I wouldn’t walk without crutches. Now I am walk slowly.

Rahul: I haven’t believe it when I was told that you of all people was met with an accident. You are such a careful driver. When do you think you must join work?

Pankaj: The doctor says that I ought to be well enough to go back at the end of the week. I used to be fairly agile by then! He says that I will start with a stroll around the park and gradually increase the pace. Soon I can be jogging and jigging once more! In fact, it shall be sooner than you may imagine.

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