Cucumber , Mango , Peepal, Coriander , Papaya , Onion , Lobia , Cotton , Tobacco , Rose , Lemon , Eucalyptus , Banana .

Can you list out which of  them shows correlation and in which does the insects gets contact with the anther and stigma . Explain

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All the above plants are pollinated by insects except banana which gets pollinated by bats. In all insect pollinated flowers, the insect comes in contact with the anther and stigma. 

The pollinators are as follows:-
Cucumber- Bumble bees, honeybees.
Mango - Wasps, flies, stingless bees and even ants
Peepal- Wasps
Coriander- ​Majority of insect pollinators
Papaya- ​bees, hawkmoths etc
Onion- insects such as honeybees
Lobia- insects such as wasps
Cotton- Bees
Tobacco- it can self pollinate but sometimes uses pollinators like ​hawkmoths.
Rose- Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds
Lemon- Bees
Eucalyptus- ​mainly pollinated by insects, but birds and small mammals may also act as pollinators
Banana- bats


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Plants like, mango, libis, cotton, papaya, tobacco,rose,cucumber,peeple, coriander,eucalyptus, banana and lemon depend upon pollinating agents like birds, insects like bees and wind.

Pollination is a process in which pollen from male stamen reach female stigma for fertilisation.

Pollen as they are non motile they need pollinating agents to carry-on pollination.

In most cases insects, birds and wind act as pollinating agents.
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