correct the following sentences if necessary.

1.the africa ismuch larger than the europe.

2.i'd like to go to china and see the great wall.

3.susan was wearing an pair of jeans and an tee shirt.

4.those shoes on my feet are from greece.

5.all the two sisters are sick today.

6.i am carrying an jute bag.

7.i do not have some tickets left.

8.other girl hasspilled this milk,not me.

@Rajnish please refer to Fathima's answer.


Great attempt Fathima! All your answers are correct. Thumbs up to you!

Please note that the correct spelling is 'attention' and the correct way to frame your advice would be "Take care of capitalising the letter of a sentence, 'I' and proper nouns".


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1) Africa is much larger than Europe.

2) no error (probably...)

3) Susan was wearing a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt.

4) The shoes that I am wearing are froom Greece/ The shoes that I am wearing are made in Greece.

5) Both the sisters are sick today.

6) I am carrying a jute bag.

7) I do not have any tickets left.

8) Some other girl had spilled this milk, not me.

Take attension to capitalising the letters :> ur welcome :>

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