Correct errors in the following sentences and rewrite the correct sentences.
1. There is nothing for worry.
2. The father asked his son how the interview is.
3. The exhaust earth groaned under the hot sun.
4. The small town was on the foot of the hill.
5. Anyone lives by selling something or the other.
6. Teachers live off selling knowledge.
7. It is extreme difficult to please him.
8. He is living in this city for 1995.
9. The mother got after early in the morning.
10. The next day was an holiday.
11. He believed that all religions were one.
12. He told me that he finished his work.
13. The house was in one end of the village.
14. I was hiding behind a screen of mango and orange trees.
15. The tree was full from big scarlet flowers.
16. Where you were lost evening?
17. I am liking it very much.
18. She is knowing you very well.
19. Madhu is always writing beautiful poems.
20. Ravi is owning two cars.
21. If you will work hard, you will pass.
22. It rains now, we cant go out.
23. I cannot cope up with this pressure.
24. I came to office by walk.
25. Our classroom is in the second floor.
26. I prefer coffee than Tea.
27. I am having four brothers and three sisters.
28. I have seen him yesterday.
29. They discussed about the whole matter.
30. The new version is superior from the old one.
31. The matter had been discussed prior than my arrival.


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