Convert the play into a story (150 – 200 words). Your story should be as exciting and as witty as the play. Provide a suitable title to it.

On Confronting an Intruder

One day, a professional playwright named Gerrard is visited by a flamboyantly dressed Intruder. The Intruder points a gun at him. Even though he is alarmed, Gerrard starts a conversation with him in a nonchalant manner. In time, the Intruder reveals his plan—to extract all the information from Gerrard before killing him. This he wants so that after killing him he can start living as Gerrard, freely and without the fear of being hunted and imprisoned by the police. But, Gerrard cleverly concocts a story about him being a criminal like him. He says that he has a man posted on the main road who shall inform him if he the police approaches. He shows him his traveling bag, fake moustaches to make the Intruder believe his story. And believe he does. Finally, Gerrard shows him a door to exit, which is actually of a cupboard. He pushes and locks the Intruder inside, and picks up the fallen revolver. He then informs the sergeant of the criminal. In this way, the clever and witty playwright Gerrard manages to save himself from the Intruder.

(A model answer has been provided for students' reference. It is strongly recommended that students prepare the answer on their own.)

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