convert rf 1:500000 into graphical scale with metre and kilometre

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1:50000 represents the map scale as a mathematical ratio or fraction, thus the name ratio scale or fractional scale.
1:50000 can be shown as 1/50000 as well. Here such a scale means that one unit of measurement on the map is equal to 50000 of the same unit on the ground.
Construct a graphical scale for a map drawn at a scale of 1: 50,000 and read the distances in kilometer and meter. 
Calculations -
To get the length of the line for the graphical scale, these steps may be followed:
1: 50,000 means that 1 unit of the map represents 50,000 units on the ground or
1 cm represents 50,000 cm 
so here it is given 1:500000
because,1 cm represents 50,000 cm then 500000 means 5000 metres = 5Km.


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