construct the parallelogram PQRS with PQ=4.5cm,QR=3cm,and angle PQR=60 degrees?

Step 1 : With a scale draw a line PQ of length 4.5cm

Step 2 : With the help of compass draw an angle = 60º on point Q

Step 3 : Now with the compass and radius 3 cm draw an arc crossing the arm of the angle other than PQ. Mark this point R.

Step 4 : Now taking point P as centre draw an angle = 120º with the help of compass  ( adjacent angles in parallelogram are supplementary so ∠SPQ+∠PQR=180º)


Step 5 : Now make an arc on the other arm of this angle taking radius 3 cm on compass and mark point S)

Step 6 : Join points PORS and you will get your parallelogram.


If you still need any help you can get back to us again.

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