construct a triangleABC if its perimeter is 10.4cm and base angles 45degree and120degree

Steps of construction of a triangle when perimeter and base angles are given.
1)Draw XY = 10.4 cm
2)Draw LXY =  45°   and  MYX = 120°
3)Draw angle bisector of ​ LXY
4)Draw angle bisector of ​ MYX  such that it meets the ​angle bisector of ​ LXY at point A.
5)Draw the perpendicular bisector of AX such that it meets XY at B
6)Draw the perpendicular bisector of AY such that it meets XY at C.
7)Join AB and AC.
Thus ABC is the required triangle.


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You have to do the construction your self but the steps can be given:

step 1: Draw a line segment having measurement 10.4cm

step 2 : construct 45 and 120 degree at each point

step 3: draw the angle bisectors of each point

step 4: Extend the angle bisectors so that they meet at a point .

step 5: mark the point of intersection as A

step 6 : construct the perpendicular bisector of the angle bisectors

step 7:these perpendicular bisectors meet at two diffrent points on the line segment measuring 10.4cm

step 8: mark these two points as B and C

step 9: join A , B and C and thus you get your triangle

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