Construct a parallogram ABCD in which AB=7cm,AC=10cm,and BD=8cm{remember that the diagonals bisect each other.}

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Draw a rough sketch.

We know that diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other



1. Draw a ΔOAB with AB = 7 cm, OA = 10 cm and OB = 8 cm

[(a) Draw a line segment AB = 7 cm

(b) With A as centre and radius 5 cm, mark an arc above AB.

(c) with B as centre and radius 4 cm, mark an arc cutting the previous arc at O.

(d)  Join OA and OB to get ΔOAB.]


2. Extend AO to a point C such that OC = 5 cm (or AC = 10 cm)

3. Extend BO to a point D such that OD = 4 cm (or BD = 8 cm)

4. Join BC, CD and AD to get required parallelogram ABCD.

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