complete the following passage by choosing appropriate words- (prepositions)

there are planes that can fly faster than the speed of sound but passanger airplanes mostly fly (A)______ speed less than that (B) ________ sound. although air planes (C) ________ can fly (D) ______ super sonic speed have been built. there is (E) _____________ if they fly (F)_________ speed greater (G)____________ the speed of sound (H) _________________ the consumption of fuel increases enormously..

i have solved dis but want to check.. so plz help..

It is very nice that you have solved this exercise on your own. Do post your answers for further guidance. We would be happy to check and rectify your errors. Happy to help!

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  1. at a
  2. of
  3. .which
  4. in
  5. .a prblm
  6. .at a
  7. .than
  8. then

i thik that words do not include only i gave such answer........

plz post ur answers............

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