Compare the social compostion of belgium and srilanka

The social composition of Belgium is very complex. Of the total population, 59% live in the Flemish region and speak Dutch language.Another 40% resides in Wallonia region and Speak French.Only 1% of Belgian speak German. The capital city of Brussels consists of 80% French and 20% Dutch speaking people.

The social composition of Srilanka is diverse. The Sinhala community forms the majority of population, i.e, 74% and Tamils who are concentrated in the north and east of the island forms the largest ethnic minority. Other community consits of Muslims. Tamils are divided into two sub groups. The Tamil natives of the country are called Sri Lankan  Tamils (13%) and Tamils who migrated from India and were forcefully brought by the Britishers are called Indian Origin Tamils (5%).

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