compare the growth in primary ,tertiary and secondary sectors in the last 5 years..

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As per the data available , kindly refer the following points:

a. For GDP, the contribution of primary sector has been , 15% , for secondary it has been  26% of GDP and for service sector it has been  57% ( 2012 -13 data)
b. The service sector has maximum contribution to country's GDP
c.Further, the contribution in the year 2013-14 has been : Primary sector 17% (2014), secondary sector accounts for
26% of GDP ( 2013 ) .
d. As per the report tabled in 2015-16, the contribution of Primary sector has been
17.4 %.
e. The contribution of secondary sector has been 28% .
f. As per the data available of  the contribution of the service sector has been significant and dominant. It rather contributed 66.1% to its
Gross Value Added growth in  the year 2015-16.
g. The importance  and contribution of service sector has grown significantly because of increased demands of services  which it provides like banking,education, transportation, medical which are considered as basic essential service. Development in agriculture and industry have also increased the importance of service sector.


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the tertiary sector has the most growth
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