compare kerala and ladakh

compare kerala and ladakh Day

1. Location: Kerala is in the extreme south of India while Ladakh is in the extreme north.
2. Clothing: The climate in Kerala is hot. Hence, people wear light clothing throughout the year. The climate in Ladakh is cold. Hence, people need to wear heavy woolens.
3. Food: The main food in Kerala is rice as the hot and rainy climate is well suited to grow rice. The main food in Ladakh is wheat based.
4. Traditional dance, art and music: The main dance forms of Kerala are Kathakali and Mohiniattam. Traditional music is Carnatic music. The traditional music of Ladakh is Buddhist chants in Tibetan language.
5. Occupation: Main occupations in Kerala are farming rice and fishing. Main occupation in Ladakh is farming barley and wheat. 
6. Climate: The climate of Kerala is hot and rainy. The climate of Ladakh is cold and dry.
7. Important places: Important places in Kerala are Thiruvanthapuram, Cochin and Calicut. Important places in Ladakh are Leh and Kargil. 

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