compare and contrast the character sketch of saheb and mukesh

Here are some points that should help you in framing the character sketches of Sahib-e-alam and Mukesh:



  • a rag-picker from Seemapuri 

  • lives a life completely opposite to what his name signifies: “lord of the universe”

  • initially belonged to Bangladesh

  • no option other than scourging the garbage to make a living

  • wants to go to school but his material conditions do not allow this

  • extremely poor; yet cheerful

  • later, gets a job in a tea stall

  • no more a master of his own

  • loses the carefree look he used to have

  • lives in Firozabad; belongs to a family of bangle makers

  • a strong, determined boy who insists on being his own master

  • wants to live a life different from hundreds of children in his neighborhood who are trapped in business of bangle making

  • dreams of becoming a motor mechanic

  • courageous enough to move away from the “God-given” traditional work

  • determined to make his dream come true for the betterment of condition of his family

  • insists on walking even if the garage is far away  

  • daring is a part of his growing

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