Compare and contrast mahatma gandhi and nelosn mandela

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South African former President Mr. Nelson Mandela’s First inspiration was Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation in India. The life and works of two leaders is almost similar and they are icon of these two nations. The inside stories of their greatness give them an iconic status in all over the world.
Mahatma Gandhi fought to establish the truth in a non-violence manner
Mr. Nelson Mandela spent more the 27 year in Jail to establish the power of democracy in South Africa. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1993 for his contribution in the peace process in South Africa.
The names Mandela and Gandhi are often seen together because of their similar leadership style.
They both achieved independence for their countries through non-violent means. Mandela used non-violent strategies to achieve his political aims, similar to Gandhi.
Mandela shared Gandhi’s vision of common humanity transcending racial and cultural to have derived strategies of non-constitutional protest.
Mandela displayed such amazing leadership when he was co-awarded India’s Gandhi Peace Prize Both Gandhi and Mandela spent time in the same prison in Johannesburg, Fort prison.
They had a broad commitment to non-constitutional action in the name of higher justice.
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comparison of life of gandhiji and nelson mandela with respect to walk to freedom

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