compare and contrast between any two charactes in this story

plzz answr this qn asap

Peggy was the most popular girl in school. She wore pretty clothes. Even though she invented the game about the dresses to tease Wanda, she was not cruel. She protected small children from bullies.  She could not bear to see animals being mistreated. She teased Wanda because she thought Wanda was lying. She was straightforward and did not suffer from pangs of conscience as Maddie did.
Maddie was poor. Thus she could somehow relate to Wanda. She did not have the courage to stand up for herself or to protest against what she thought was wrong. She also could not go against Peggy. This lack of cowardice broke her down. She took a lot of time to reconcile with the fact that they must have hurt Wanda by making fun of her.

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