climate change between U.A.E and India{diffrence}


UAE mostly has a tropical desert type of climate.Throughout the year, they have sunny and hot climate. During the months of July and August, the hottest months, temperatures reach 40 degrees. Minimum temepratures are recorded in the months of January and February records temperatures around 10 to 14 degree Celsius. Rain is scarce.The average annual rainfall in the coastal area is fewer than 120 mm. However, dust storms are very common.
 On the other hand, India has a tropical monsoon climate.  India has clear seasons of summer, winters and also a distinct rainy phase caused by the reversal of winds. 

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The climate change between India and U.S.A because, they are in different parts of the Earth and the earth goes round and round all the time, so, sometimes US is closer to sun and sometime India. So, it causes the climate change between them.
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