Change the voice -
1) A car ran over a little puppy.
2) India defeated Australia.
3) Sankho did not buy the toy.
4) They will construct a big building.
5) A cat will kill a rat.
6) They are doing some important.
7) She is making a first aid box.
8) The drums are beating.

  1. A little puppy was ran over by a car.
  2. Australia was defeated by India.
  3. The toy was not bought by Sankho.
  4. A big building would be constructed by them.
  5. A rat would be killed by a cat.
  6. Some important _________ is being done by them. (It seems as if a word is missing here)
  7. A first aid box is being made by her.
  8. (There is only one object in this sentence)

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