Change the following sentences into passive voice:
1). My friend has promised me help.
2). Mr. Munshi Ram teaches us history.
3).The teacher could do nothing.
4). Our class-room contains forty desks.
5). Do you know this gentlemen?
6). Do not tease the humble.
7). He does not care for his brother.
8). Lower the boat.
9). Edmund Burke's charming voice impressed the audience very much.
10). Please bring me a sheet of paper from the office.
11). I cannot allow it.
12). The Government proposed to build a bridge over the canal.
13). They chose him captain.
14). Every one expects good news.
15). The magistrate ordered the police to open fire on the crowd.


1). I have been promised help by my friend.
2). History is taught to us by Mr Munshi Ram.
3).Nothing could be done by the teacher.
4). Forty desks are contained in our class-room.
5). Is this gentleman known by you?
6). The humble must not be teased.
7). His brother is not cared for by him.
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